spring ordering 2018

Message dated February 4th 2018

Hope all of you are having a wonderful winter.  Lately I have been receiving many emails asking when I will be listing plugs and leaves for this year so here is the answer…

In a few weeks I will begin offering the plugs I have available for sale this year.  Inventory will be added slowly in the beginning because I was a little late in planting all of the plugs this year and they need time to grow so if you really want something that is not available, you might want to use the “We will notify you when this product becomes available.” Option.  You simply add your email in the field and you will automatically be notified when the item becomes available.

Plugs will begin to be offered in February however, the leaves will become available a little later since I have not yet finished repotting all of the mother plants.

For those of you who live in warm areas like California, Florida ect.   Please know that it is not the case for me.  I do offer plugs right now, however they cannot be sent right away because of the cold weather.

Spring 2018 procedures:  (buy now, pay later)

If you find something you like, you will be able to purchase it (them) now however, I will not send out any invoices or accept any payments until the time when I can ship these out to you.  The cold winter is still here and I won’t send out any orders until the weather is safe.  Some years, spring arrives early like in March / April and other years it is later,  this is something I have no control over and can’t predict at this moment, it is all up to mother nature.. 

As soon as the weather remains over the freezing point day and night and it is safe to ship I will start sending invoices for all of your purchases.  You will have approximately 2 weeks to pay up, if payment is not received, the order will be cancelled and the items will be relisted for others.