Shipping to the USA for 2022 will be every other week on Mondays or Tuesdays. Shipping to Canada, every Monday.

The next shipment for the USA is scheduled for the week of August 22nd. To be included in this shipment, your order should be paid up before midnight, August 19th.

If your shipping address is in the USA, you will be charged in USD. If your shipping address is in Canada, althou the ordering process will show USD, the actual invoice will be sent in CAD plus sales taxes.

Shipping to the USA starts between $10 - $12.

Shipping to the province of Quebec and Ontario begins at $16 and will be more for some areas that are further away from big centers. For the other provinces, the shipping varies so you can send your postal code for enquire, or simply place your order and if you find the shipping to be too high when you receive the invoice, you can cancel not a problem.


La saison est maintenant commencé.

Si vous habitez au Canada, votre facture sera en dollars Canadiens même si lors de la commande c'est indiqué en USD.

Le coût de transport pour la province de Québec et Ontario commmence à $16.00. Ce coût peut être plus élevé pour les régions un peu loin des grandes villes. le coût de transport sera ajouté à la facture qui vous sera envoyé après que vous ayez passé la commande.